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“Science can amuse us all, but it is engineering that challenges the world” –Isaac Asimov Cluster of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in my schooling sowed a seed of engineering passion in me. It was during my 9th grade, when I represented the school in an inter-school Science-Quiz competition, motivated me to discover the auxiliary essentials of Science and technology in modern world. In my high school the various topics in Physics and Mathematics made me wonder how the blend of traditional Newton’s Laws with Calculus is utilized to make Mechanics useful to humanity. Completing my high school with an aggregate of 81% in science stream, I was with all dreams to take up a course which would pave a path to my passion, a passion to…show more content…
The study of prescribed books, attending workshop training, industrial visits, in-plant training and internship made me to realize the application of theory to realistic use. During my In-Plant training at Chennai Port Trust, I explored the diverse field of Mechanical engineering like various processes in Machine Shop, Hydraulic Pumps and Pipings, Ship and Locomotive Engine Workshop, etc. On the whole, the practical proficiency obtained in different areas refined my knowledge and application skills over Mechanical engineering. During my Internship at NGA Steels Pvt Ltd., I learnt the significance of machines in the production of steel rods. Particularly the automation of machines for different mechanical processes showed the efficiency and the accuracy of product manufacture. The advancement in CNC machinery and Robotics induced me to pursue higher studies in this field. Hence, a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering would further encourage me to apply the principles of physics and mechanics to design, improve, and analyze the mechanical processes, manufactured products and composite
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