Climate Change In Pakistan Essay

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Climate change is a most important challenge to meet the sufficient food demand for increasing the world population in the 21st century while it is difficult to sustain the already stressed environment. Climate change has negative impacts on water resources, crops production, hydropower, and human health worldwide (Nelson, Rosegrant, Koo, Robertson, Sulser, Zhu, & Magalhaes, 2009). The global climate is changing rapidly over millennia but from the past few decades emission of greenhouse gasses (GHG) increased due to anthropogenic activities such as deforestation, land degradation, burning of fossil fuel and industrial revolution (Baig, & Amjad, 2014). In addition, agriculture and land use change are also causing of GHG emission in the world (Rosegrant, Ewing, Yohe, Burton, Saleemul, & Valmonte-Santos, 2008). These gasses are sustained the warming process for decades to centuries. During the 20th century, global temperature was recorded as 0.76 Celsius (Rasul, & Ahmad, 2012). Moreover, the researcher estimated that the mean temperature has increased from 3 to 6 Celsius over the last hundred years and can be enhanced 1 to 4.5 Celsius by 2080 (Asif, 2013). The global…show more content…
About 68 percent population is engaged directly and indirectly in agriculture farming. Agriculture sector contributes 21 percent of the country GDP and employs about 45 percent of the labour force (Bajkani, Ahmed, Afzal, Jamali, Bhatti, & Iqbal, 2014). Almost 68 percent rural population depend on agriculture sector for their livelihoods (Bajkani et al., 2014) and its share in exports is 18 percent (Siddiqui, Samad, Nasir, & Jalil, 2012). It is necessary to make agriculture sector most efficient to enhance the food security, quality of life, economic growth, and also sensitivity to change in temperature and precipitation it is important to study the impact of climate change on the agriculture sector in Pakistan (Siddiqui et al.,

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