Personal Statement: Why I Want To Study In Accounting

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Since young, I enjoy solving mathematical problems. I have always been prone to find out how mathematics is used in the real world situation. This is due to the influence from my mother as she teaches accounting in her school which is somewhat similar to mathematics. My interest in the subject has naturally led me to choose a career in the calculation sector which is “Accounting” as I am aware that mathematics is one of the biggest component that relates to this study field. An opportunity to take A-levels in Mara Ketengah International College after finishing secondary school is always a pleasure for me as this is the place where I started to know further into the particular subject. It was considered a lifetime opportunity to continue my study in accounting because becoming an accountant is all I wanted to be in the future. I really enjoy solving calculation problems back when I was in secondary school. It gives me great utilization when I am capable of solving difficult calculation problems like proving in trigonometry for…show more content…
I hope the two years accounting knowledge that I learn in secondary school and another two years in Mara Ketengah International will not come to waste. I am certain that pursuing study in accounting is my ticket to becoming successful in the future. Accounting is not just all about calculation, it is about secret keeping. It is the accountant etiquette or responsibility of keeping the financial secret of the company from the public. This type of trait is already in me because I am very clever in keeping secrets. On the other hand, I have always been intrigued by how accounting works in businesses from sole traders to public limited companies in order to make recording transactions easier. Personally, I feel that combining accounting in finance will allow me to contribute greatly in a firm and most importantly to my

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