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The most popular and devastating case of witches to exist came known as the famous Salem Witch Trials. “The Salem witch trials took place in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. It began when two ill girls claimed as witches and accused 150 people and put 18 to death” ( Staff). On January 1692, the two girls suffered with fits of uncontrollable screaming and got diagnosed by doctors of having works by witches. Three more women began the same symptoms and later accused of bewitching 2 young girls (Bio Staff). The alleged or real witches suffered cruel punishments from the men in the area or village. This can range from burning at stake, beatings, and getting hung with a rope (Bio Staff). This whole awful event in history started when Tibuta, a homeless beggar, got accused of living as a witch and started accusing others of dark magic. Other women followed and Salem had hysteria everywhere. Given the circumstances, 150 men and women had been accused of living as witches and later received death punishments (Bio Staff). On June 10th, the first witch alleged with that got hung in Salem at the gallows along with others was Bridget Bishop. (Bio Staff). To summarize, the Salem Witch Trials led to many awful deaths to the…show more content…
For example, they either had a disability, acted different, or looked different (Harrison 358). Today of the 21st century witches, tens of thousands of children received persecutions as witches. Reasons for being either handicapped or looked and acted differently to the accuser. Parents push “child witches” out on the streets for them to receive abuse by a passersby. Children were easily targeted because of their small ability to defend themselves or hide because of their parents having the upper hand in their life (Harrison 355). For the most part, children and handicapped were targeted as witches in the 21st

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