Middle School Narrative Essay

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In my first summer since Danika’s birth, I was starting to prep for middle school. Since moving to Waipahu many years ago, my siblings and I went to school in the Salt Lake/Aliamanu district because their curriculum was more challenged than the district we lived in, but we were on G.E’s. Even though many of my friends from elementary was going to the same middle school, I was more scared than nervous to be a seventh grader because the thought of different kids from multiple elementaries in one school was pretty nerve wracking. At this age, all I can think about is if I’m going to make new friends or if I’m even pretty enough to get a boy to like me. Call me insecure, but I’m sure every single person felt the same way I did. Towards the end of summer, I headed to Aliamanu Middle to see which advisory I was assigned to. Upon arriving on campus, I noticed that it was way than the school I just came from. There were two story buildings painted in blue and red, and I was in awe at how huge everything looked. Right in front of the school next to the office were four big bulletin…show more content…
pictures taken, familiarize ourselves with the campus, and get our class schedules. Waking up at 5:00AM in the morning, I hopped out of bed feeling jumpy. I had already planned out my outfit the night before-- a gray Aliamanu Middle School uniform, denim capris, and a pair of black fashion slippers. After spending quite some time in the bathroom, I brushed my layered shoulder-length highlighted hair, put on my black Jansport bag and headed out the door. As soon as my siblings and I were in the Aliamanu area, my mom took us to Safeway to get breakfast. While walking around the store, I found myself not having an appetite due to my excitement of my first day at a new school. Soon we were back in the car and headed across the street to get dropped off to

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