My Little World Analysis

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During this school quarter, students have been called to take a closer look at the Catholic Social Teachings that our faith has advised us to follow. Specifically, we have been focusing on one teaching, option for the poor and vulnerable. When my class began to elaborate more on it in religion, I began to find connections to the teaching all around me. The most significant factor that caused me to really contemplate the option for the poor and vulnerable, however, was the song that Ms. McCready played in class one day. It was called My Own Little World and was sung by Matthew West. Instantly, the beat of the song and the lyrics caught my attention. I quickly found connections between the song and my own life, which is something that most songs that I’ve listened to have failed to do. Therefore, I have decided to write about how My Own Little World has made a large impact on my life and my actions. From the start, the song begins describing what it’s like in the artist’s “perfect” world. He explains how nothing ever goes wrong by saying, “In my own little world it hardly ever rains… got some money in my pocket shoes on my feet.” When I daydream about what my own perfect world would be…show more content…
Recently, there have been many California fires that have threatened the homes and lives of those near it. One day, my mother was watching the Lilac Fire updates on the news, and I asked her to turn it off because it was too sad for me to watch. I didn’t think much of it until she told me later, “That’s just how life is sometimes. There’s not really much to do to change that.” I contemplated that for a while, and I realized that she was right. Sometimes life is just downright upsetting, but that’s what we have to endure in order for us to find a happy ending with God. My Own Little World really emphasized this fact for me, and it’s one that I won’t be able to
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