Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial Analysis

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Budweiser ran a commercial during the Super Bowl that was much different than most commercials for alcohol products. This commercial did not show a group of people having the “good time” the consumption of alcoholic beverages promises. This commercial did not even include the beverage at all. Instead, it showed the connection between a human and an animal and that bonds between both will still exist as time goes on. The commercial opens with a horse trainer/farmer caring for a Clydesdale pony who trains the pony until it matures to an adult horse and then Budweiser comes to collect the horse. While the horse was with the trainer, the commercial showed tender moments such as the horse rubbing up against the owner and licking his face. To strengthen the message of love, kindness, intimacy, etc., the song “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac that talks about people growing old and changing. At the end of the commercial, the trainer and horse are reunited after a parade featuring Clydesdale horses. In my opinion, Budweiser was attempting to communicate they can be part of loving, tender moments just as much as wild, noisy celebrations. Situation: Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial 2014 Why? Sell Budweiser Beer Who? Drinking-age men and women. How? Emotion—showing Budweiser can be part of tender Character:…show more content…
If Daimler was unable to produce the best automobile in the world, he would choose not to produce one at all. Using such a powerful mission statement would leave most consumers with the impression that Mercedes must be the best automobile available to consumers, and everyone should aspire to own one. Unfortunately, MB offers little evidence to support that they are in fact the best automobile in the world, mass-produced or

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