Essay About My Self Portrait

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To Perform the Research Best Self Exercise, I reached out to my friends, family and co-workers that have influence in my life from both past and present. Based on the responses received, I was sincerely amazed and touched by the sincere words and thoughts shared for me. RBSE for me, also created an opportunity to reflect on my personal strengths and how I’ve developed as a person over time. Usually, a person continues to work and follow a daily routine at both work and at home, with little to no time spent on pondering upon this sort of analysis. The stories I have received from people regarding as part of this exercise have been both astonishing and motivating providing some deep analysis of myself. The Reflected Best Self Portrait is a compilation of themes and messages that I found while looking through the stories. These are my best qualities and are the ones that make me who I am. One of the common theme across all stories show that I am a team player who is comfortable working with group. In my scope of work, I work both…show more content…
When this happens, my value of seeing something phenomenal in everyone and loving it goes out the window. I really need to work on not letting situations "get to me" in order to improve my ability to be my best. I tend to let people take advantage of me. Because I am so quick to please people, I know that more than one person has used my eagerness for their own gains, and not necessarily my gains or the gains of my organization. Although I think that vast majority of time, my help is truly appreciated and needed, I do need to be careful of those who would want to use my willingness to help to achieve their own agendas. I tend to work well in groups and sometimes tend to let people overpower my thought process from time to time. As it is somewhat common for me to have group projects at work, it does happen rarely and will continue to happen, and I need to improve on this
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