My Literacy Skills

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Gradually over the years, I learned the importance of building my literacy skills. Each year I progressed, but for some reason, I never felt like I was advanced. I believe my most significant challenge was reading because I always misunderstood the meaning of the composition. Writing was a challenge as well, and I had issues forming sentences and portraying my creativity through words. I learned that literacy is a principal factor in everyone's life, especially mine. Reading caused a challenge and writing was a huge struggle, but each day I work harder to advance my skills. Philosophy is the study of basic concepts, but for me to expand my knowledge I learned that I must read and write to develop my skills. The long, arduous journey for me…show more content…
Considering my age, I should be more advanced in literacy. Throughout my years of learning, I now understand that my significant issues with reading include comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and focus. I struggled through my problems in middle and high school without getting the help I needed. I remember sitting in English reading the classics, everyone knew what they were talking about and could understand the reading, and I helplessly sat there trying to make sense of the discussion and would play off what others say. In my last year of high school, I read the book that changed my life. Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder, was the first book where I learned about focus, it also taught me about comprehension by using a verse novel. Challenges appear in everyday life, an encounter with me has continually been the simple concept of reading. Reading is the most problematic activities for me to achieve, I recall in elementary and middle school I took an “assessment” on reading, I read part of the booklet out loud to my teacher then communicated my interpretation. Reading was an arduous task for me since I would stutter over words, reread the same sentence, or…show more content…
Reading and writing are so essential in life that when I was younger, I realized that they are part of my everyday life, from writing a post on Facebook, or reading a book and evaluating it for a class. In all my years of reading and writing, I have had successes and failures, but I have learned that I must make mistakes to get better. My journey didn’t end in school, each day I continue to build and read art and not just words on pages. Growing my literacy skills have enhanced my life, and each day I learn something

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