Interrupted Formal Strategies Essay

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Teachers face an abundance of diversity in each one of their classrooms. Tailoring to every students needs is a challenge itself for teachers to do, but what happens when one of your students has limited formal schooling? It is not uncommon for teachers to have these students in the classroom especially teachers who teach English to speakers of other languages. Then the ultimatum teacher’s face is, how do we guide English language learners (ELL’s) with interrupted formal schooling? “How to Support ELL Students with Interrupted Formal Education,” was the first article that I came upon that help me find answer to my question. The article started off by stating who were students with interrupted formal education (SIFE’s). Students with interrupted formal schooling can be defined in a variety of ways.…show more content…
Sheltered instruction is essential when teaching SIFE students in order to modify instruction correctly so it is accessible and comprehendible (Tuchman, 2010). Strategies I will use for sheltered based instruction included demonstrations, visuals, gestures, and manipulates. Along with sheltered based instruction have content based instruction is important. I will do this by having my students learn English using basic academic concepts in all subject areas. Having lessons that incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be important for me to do. More specifically I will do this by using the SIOP lesson plan template and making sure I include all of these elements into my lessons along with a content and language objectives. When teaching my students vocabulary I will control the amount of words they will learn so I don’t overload them with work. Another important teaching strategy I will use on my SIFE students will be explicitly teaching them study skills which will come in handy for them in all their

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