Applying Malcolm X's Solution To Literacy

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It may not be a constitutional right to be skilled enough to read and write but everyone deserves an equal opportunity for such a task. For many who are able too, there are always the ones that struggle with literacy and are not really as proficient as the individuals who excel in this field. However, it is those individuals that conquer adversity that become icons and remembered. Malcolm X didn’t become known for his literacy skills but used them to master his speech and his incredible vision to late become one of the most articulate and powerful African Americans in the United States during the early 1960’s. All of us have suffered once similar to Malcolm did with his language; we have all come across a time where we couldn’t think of the right word to use in that instant or even how to use a specific word or phrase and that frustration was tamed when Malcolm X dove into the dictionary to repair his struggles with literacy.…show more content…
With new technology that surfaces everyday, there are numerous ways to expand and develop better vocabulary skills and adaptations. Today in 2015, there are hundreds of ways one can fix a literacy problem. Most schools in the country cater to students who struggle similarly to Malcolm X and are able to assist with after school help, tutors, work sheets, etc. Each of these options is very successful and allow for students to progress and achieve to their highest potential. These alternatives are more practical and are becoming more successful than reading over a dictionary multiple times to learn words you many never use in your life. Instead, learning different variations of words and synonyms for cliché words are very good way one can eliminate literacy

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