Visual Literacy Self Analysis

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Part A 1. Literacy has significantly developed over time from its traditional definition, since the introduction of new communications technologies. Precedent to the 21st century, one was only deem literate if they possessed the skills to read and write, essentially differentiating those who were educated and those who were not. However, since the new era of the 21st century a wide range of new communications technologies were introduced, which significantly shaped our society into one that is technologically based. Since the introduction of new communications technologies, we now require an additional set of skills for us to function living and learning in a technological society. Thus, literacy has developed from its traditional meaning…show more content…
I have always been interested in visual content, specifically visual arts, what meaning and information an artwork translates and communicates to us. Thus, as a child I was provided with opportunities to learn how to interpret, evaluate, analyze and use images. These opportunities were provided to me by being exposed to various visual content in the classroom and also independently finding and accessing various visual materials. Through being exposed to such visual content I sought to interpret and understand what ideas, meaning and feelings they communicated to me. Hence, through my interest and exploration of visual content and materials I developed competence in visual…show more content…
Students are required to independently read and view a variety of texts within media and technologies, this includes using both prior knowledge and new strategies and skills to comprehend, interpret and analyze texts within media and technologies (Board of Studies NSW, 2012). Also, to identify how these texts range in complexity based on its approach to the topic, the aim and the intended audience. This skill is critical and valuable especially in today’s society, where we are required to understand and interpret meaning that is communicated from a range of texts in media and technologies, which is essential to make sense of and understand the world around

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