Role Of Literacy In America

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In general, literacy means the ability of reading and writing, however my literacy is the learning ability due to the different education I get in China and America, these two education system helps me to be patient and independence on study. I am a transfer student, I was studying in Chinese University in the past two years and I am studying in American college now. Knoblauch said “literacy today is perceived as a compelling value, the reason lies not in such self-interested justification but in its continuing association with forms of social reality that depends on its primacy” (Knoblauch 452). Knoblauch shows that literacy plays an important role in the society; literacy is not benefit to ourselves but also benefit to the society. My literacy…show more content…
According to Freire “problem-posting education, responding to the essence of consciousness- intentionality-rejects communiqués and embodies communication” (70). Problem-posting education focuses on communication between students and teachers. Liberating education is not giving information to others; it is a way to help other understand (79). Problem-posting education gives students more freedom to think by themselves and they can express their personal ideas with their teachers. More than that, problem-posting education can help students and teachers to teach each other by communication. When I am studying in America, teachers from different have office hour to students, I need to be independent so I can ask them some questions that I am confusing in class. In addition, I can express my own opinions to them and figure out my problems. In America College, I need to find more resource by myself to help me understand the background of America. For example, I am taking American History; we have ten students in class, so teacher is willing to ask us to express our own ideas. I need to find more sources to know more about America history so that I can express my own ideas in class. I need to have my thinking pattern and it can help me to be more creative. According to Brandt, different sponsors have an important effect on people (49). In America, my sponsor is my parents, they support me to study abroad so I can experience the different education system and different skills. According to Brandt, she explains two examples of different access to literacy. One of examples is about Raymond Branch, Raymond Branch’s father is a professor and a real estate executive mother, they are Raymond’s sponsors. When he was studying at school, his parents provided he a good environment to study. for example, his father gave him a computer as present so he could know more about computers. Now he is a good writer of
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