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Graduate Assistantship I am interested in both teaching and administrative support for the social work department because I enjoy watching others learn and grow. I am an organized/task oriented person, I can utilize my recruiting experience and I want to become more involved with the social work community in at NC State. Through my five years of experience coaching young adults, I have been able to develop my own character and help influence others. When I first started coaching I was solely focused on how I could help others grow and develop, not only for the three days they were at camp, but for the rest of their lives. One thing I did not expect is how rewarding it is to know that you helped an individual learn and grow from the guidance…show more content…
While I was in high school, I took two years of nursing courses because I knew I loved the hospital setting and I thought being a nurse would be a promising career field. Unfortunately, after undergoing clinical for months, I began to see that although many people’s health was being improved they were continuously concerned with what their next steps were after being released. This is when I realized that there is a great need for resources outside of the hospital room. After being denied acceptance to NC State, I decided to attend school at Wake Technical Community College where I was able to explore different courses and better define my interests. When it began time for me to apply to NC State once again, I knew I had to pick a major that allowed me to help people improve their lives for the future not just for the day. After discovering Medical social work, I knew I had found a field where I could holistically help people better their lives in while staying in a medical setting. This program would be a great fit for me because it will allow me to move one step closer to a career in Medical social work or if I decide to go the clinical route, obtaining my MSW would be the next logical step. Additionally, the advanced standing program is a great fit for me because I enjoy having a busy schedule and challenging…show more content…
One of the reasons striving towards social and economic justice is one of the key goals for social workers is because injustice in these areas is prominent in todays society. Thankfully, I have not experienced any extreme levels of being socially or economically marginalized, however, I can elaborate on what I have experienced. After my dad retired from the military, we began to experience the civilian world within a month. He was no longer receiving any pay, and he had to wait a number of months to hear back from Veterans Affairs office regarding his disability. Since we were required to move off the military base, my mother was forced to leave her job and we had to move into a small house for a year until we could find our next step. This was some of the most difficult times my family and I faced, my sister was away at college, and my mom, dad and I were struggling to find out where the income would come from. As the days went we waited for the reply from Veterans affairs, anticipation grew, while our pockets became smaller each day. I did not understand why my father who had served in the Marine Corps for twenty-four years could not receive services in a timely manner from the country he risked his entire life for. Eventually, the day did come where the VA responded and he was able to receive his

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