Jury Of Her Peers Theme

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A Jury of Her Peers is a short story by Susan Glaspell that focuses on the interaction of men and women and how badly women were treated in the 19th century. The story revolves around the murder mystery of John Wright in his own house. George Henderson, the district attorney, Lewis Hale with his wife Martha Hale, a couple whom were close neighbors to the Wrights, and Henry Peters, the sheriff, with his wife, Mrs. Peters. While the three men look for evidence to incriminate Minnie Wright, the wife of John Wright, who was present during his death, Martha and Mrs. Peters discover clues and evidence that proves Minnie Wright killed John Wright. The reason why the women are able to place together the evidence and find the missing pieces is because…show more content…
Women, in the other hand, had always been treated harshly, been put down and even being under the dominance of men. In the short story, the theme is the subjugation of women, which occurs throughout the story. At the beginning, Martha Hale is dragged out of the house without even finishing her chores that she so desires to finish because she doesn't like leaving them like that to go to a crime scene. Later on, the men criticized Mrs. Wright for not cleaning the towels, leaving trash, and leaving the fireplace in a bad state. The women found out that Mrs. Wright did not live a rich life since her clothes were dirty and had holes it in, and then the walls as well as the furniture were in bad shape, showing that if Mr. Wright had money, he was very stingy and rarely gave money to his wife or to fix the house. “‘The law is the law--and a bad stove is a bad stove. How'd you like to cook on this?’--pointing with the poker to the broken lining. She opened the oven door and started to express her opinion of the oven; but she was swept into her own thoughts, thinking of what it would mean, year after year, to have that stove to wrestle with. The thought of Minnie Foster trying to bake in that oven--and the thought of her never going over to see Minnie Foster”, this small text came from Mrs. Hale thoughts as she examined the kitchen while the men went upstairs. She saw the stove and knew it must have been that hard for Minnie or any women to able to cook on it, and soon realize that Mr. Wright wasn’t such a good, honest man, but a stingy man that ruined the life of her beloved friend, Minnie Foster and kept hurting her until she had enough and the death of the bird triggered the event that got Mr. Wright killed. Minnie Foster was oppressed, misunderstood and worse of all degraded by the men that wanted to put her in jail to give peace to their dead friend. The house gave away
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