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Relationship Tendencies In relationships, Taureans can be quite faithful and reliable. Their stabilizing effect on others is well appreciated. Sensuality is a must in their life. A lover must be inclined toward this kind of pleasure, or be willing to be guided accordingly. Taureans don't seem to bothered by the more fast-paced signs. The Bull will simply wait for others to slow down. Taureans enjoy life on their own terms. The Bull does not always compromise easily, but will do so to avoid extreme conflicts. Taureans are attracted to people who are relatively calm and possess a strong sense of managing finances. The most predominant of Taurean characteristics are persistence and an innate ability to find inner peace. The Taurus Woman She is…show more content…
She knows what she needs from life. Her determination to establish comfort and happiness comes as a birthright. She has a strong sense of color, and is a natural image consultant. Her clothes may seem to be fashioned exclusively for her body. She is a radiant sign that attracts relationships. Since Taurus is an earth sign, a strong business sense is common. A Taurus woman knows how to make a living. Creating a budget is second nature to her. Lovers are fond of her practicality and worldly savvy. The Taurus woman can be possessive and sometimes demanding, but usually she is quite fair. She admires individuals who follow through on their promises. Lying to her would be a tragic mistake. It offends her terribly. It is better to let her deal with the truth in her own way. Believe me, she can do this better than most of us. Be gentle—she expects this. Be reasonable, and she will trust you. Be generous, and she will love you. She enjoys creating a romantic atmosphere with you. She may even agree to go camping with you in the wilderness. Celebrating anniversaries and returning to the place you first met are ways of showing her love for you. Don't fault her for wanting to know about your views concerning…show more content…
She is a "show me" girl! The Taurus Man He walks firmly, like he knows where he is going, whether he does or not. The Bull is persistent in reaching his goals and making his dreams come true. He expects the support of loved ones. He can be hurt or angry if you don't believe in him. He carries himself through life with confidence, that is, until he meets a situation that is bigger than he is. The Bull will then either try to charge through the obstacle or retreat to find a more comfortable path. Patience is a strength in the male Taurus. However, the Taurus man will act with swift impatience when his livelihood is threatened. There is an opportunistic dimension to the male Taurus that is like a sixth sense when it comes to financial opportunity. Stubbornness does not endear the Bull to others. A lack of imagination, or failure to be adventurous, can irritate those they love. It is their willingness to care and make a person feel safe that adds great longevity to their relationships. He appreciates stability. His focus on his career can be nicely balanced with a calm home life. The male Taurus hates stress at home probably more than at work. A show of anger can be difficult for a Taurus to handle. Sometimes a

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