Durkheim's Impact On Sociological Analysis

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Sociology is the scientific study of social behavior and human groups. Sociologists gather information about the social world and analyze that information to understand social situation such as class, race, gender and culture. Sociologists like Harriet Martineau Emile Durkheim, and Karl Marx all have different ideas and interests in the sociological world. Harriet Martineau is focus on the impacts that the economy, law, trade health, and population could have on social problems (Schaefer page 9). She also had publish books to give attention to social class distinctions and to such factors as gender and race. She focus on the rights of the women, emancipation of slaves, and religion tolerance. But later in life, she became deaf but continue on with her life as she observe the social conditions or researching on female employment. Martineau and I are in some way similar as we both care for rights of women, religion tolerance and the same disability. I like how she embrace her deafness unlike me on the other hand, will not acknowledge my disabilities. She’s well educated on all matter of subjects as she go on about the social problems.…show more content…
He did not limit his interest to just one part of the social behavior but expand into crime and punishment, religion, and workplace. These three part of the social behavior goes into what make people commit suicide whether it could be their boss, the sins, or the crimes. I like how we share the same values on suicides because there is a reason why the individuals left this life. Durkheim and I are similar into the expectancy career in family. Durkheim’s father expected him to be a rabbis but instead turn out to be a brilliant sociologist, on the other hand, my father was expecting to fulfill a career in medical but I stray away as I am not a huge fan of science. We both let our father

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