The Day I Became Black Analysis

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Part A- Task 1 In this text I will describe something I found interesting in Perspectives magazineMagazine, and give reasons for my opinion. I found the text The Day I Became Black very interesting. It tells a story about a boy who admits to he’s classmates that he is African American. Suddenly they start to treat him differently, and look at him as another person. I could not understand why telling his friends that he was African American would make him any different from the person he already was. I am also surprised that they felt betrayed because he didn’t tell them earlier, because what difference does it really make? I also found the text Moving Tribute To Grandmothers very interesting. It talks about a boy who started to film his grandmothers in the kitchen as a way to learn more about his roots and identity trough dishes they made and stories they shared. He also started a video…show more content…
Names are one of the first things we learn about someone when introduced to a new person, and people often make judgements and assumptions about us just based on our names. A name can tell you something about who a person is, and It it is something we carry with us all of our life. Many names have an important meaning behind them, and many people name their kids up after older relatives or give them names that have a deeper meaning. In the text in appendix 1 we can read about Randi Sunrays Indian name which is Ahaun Tone Gope, which in English can be translated to “Struck across the forehead with a hatchet by the enemy.” She was given this name by her grandmother and it bears a story about someone who was struck across the forehead with a hatchet by the enemy in a battle with the Sioux. This name is an example of a name who will pass on culture and traditions through the generations. I believe that our name is an important part of who we are, and that it can tie us closer to our

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