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Since I was young I always had an interest in working with special needs children. I feel they have so much to offer the community, yet they are extremely ignored. As I grew older, my interest in helping this community developed into something bigger. I realized that there is so much suppression of people who are viewed as “less than.” This was the beginning of my interest in social work. I have taken part in volunteer opportunities almost my entire life. I was benefitted with financial comfortability during my childhood, and it allowed me to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities. I was raised in a home that believed we should always give back to the community and give to those who were not as blessed as we were. I have participated…show more content…
At Kids in Motion I was able to have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a child who had multiple disabilities. These volunteer experiences benefitted me in so many ways. They enhanced my interest in helping others and drastically added to my skill set when working with the special needs community. When I was seventeen, I was offered a job at the Humane Society of Genesee County. I was thrilled about offer as it would allow me to help needy animals, something I am also tremendously compassionate about. It would also open doors into the workings of a non-profit, something I believe to be important as I venture into the social work field. I have worked at the Humane Society for over a year now, and I absolutely love working for a non-profit and helping needy…show more content…
I have already learned so much about the field from Dr. Levinstein, Dr. Camp, and Professor Dawson. Both Dr. Levinstein and Professor Dawson changed my outlook on the world and made me realize how much discrimination is still relevant today. I love that social work is so dedicated to making a difference, not only in discrimination but in every way. To me social work is not just a career, but a lifestyle. It is my desire to be a social worker in each aspect of my life, and I believe that is the only way to truly change the

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