Mechanical Engineering Personal Statement

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My eclectic but well-rounded upbringing helped to foster my enthusiasm for Mechanical Engineering. My father served the Indian Army and my mother’s a home-maker. As such, I grew up in military garrisons and attended the Army Public School. I would often hear my parents discussing the wonders of Mechanical Engineering and it is revolutionizing the defense technology and helping the soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces to keep the borders safe. I also began studying Physics at school and was highly intrigued by the subject and I used to discuss about various technologies related to cars and other vehicles. This passion of mine for automobiles flourished over time with my reading of books and magazines about the automotive industry, and ultimately led me on the path to become a Mechanical Engineer. My efforts to improve my technical knowledge and analytical skills met with encouragement and motivation to further pursue this field. The organized curriculum of the University of Pune provided me with a constructive research and technical exposure in…show more content…
In the next year I was the Technical Lead of the Team and along with my teammates, I designed the whole Steering system including the steering knuckle of the vehicle and in addition to this we simulated and verified the design in LOTUS SHARK Software and ADAMS Software. This event helped me widen my horizon to act like a leader as I was the Technical Lead and was responsible for the technical queries. This helped me manage my time and studies and also improved my communication and presentation skills. I am happy to say that our vehicle design was approved by the judges and our team stood 34th out of 395 teams. Here, I got an exposure in the field of Vehicle Dynamics and Automotive
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