Case Study Of Haidilao Company In China

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Haidilao is a famous company in China, which being well known as its attentive service quality and suitable public taste. It is really common to see there are hundreds of people waiting in line for the meal in the dinning time. This hotpot restaurant is a chain restaurant, which currently has 91 Straight Restaurant in domain that spread in 27 different provinces. There are lots of sub- products in Haidilao Company like sauce and seasonings; my product is Haidilao soup base which being well sold in China. but the soup base of it is more popular The purpose of the research is to find out whether the soup base could sell well in Canada or in Indian market. Selling is to provide Chinese people who lived in Canada or India can also enjoyed the joy…show more content…
In Canada, they do not eat hotpot;in India some people eat curry flavor hotpot by using hands. However, there are lots of overseas Chinese and Chinese people with Canadian green card live in Canada, but not in India, which is a advantages for selling in Canada. Another thing cannot insure is the purchasing power of Indians, we cannot make sure they would like to buy the spicy hot pot base and add into curry powder in there. It will be a challenge for the company to enter a foreign flavor to Indian,so the strategy of Procter & Gamble’s strategy about reducing the price in large big country cannot apply with this product. For the company Procter & Gamble’s operation philosophy gain acceptance by most people. In the case, Haidilao has the same advantages. In China, they have good reputation about the service quality in each store, as well as its soup base taste. Because of the existence of social media, the popularity of Haidilao will soon raise. Good popularity will also transport to the country like Canada. For the India, it is hard to use online website to propagate the product. It is one of the drawbacks of entering India food market. The reason that Little Sheep successes in Canada, because lots of Chinese have hard about Little Sheep—— the mainland brand. For the reason that Haidilao is top ten hot pot company in China this is advantages could be apply as well. For this reason, I believe the best selling way is to launch the campaign to introduce the product in the social media like YouTube and

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