Personal Narrative Essay: An Example Of My Tribe: My Family

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Crysta Shoffner Mrs. Jamadi Honors 9 ELA Jan. 11th, 2016 My Tribe My tribe is my family. I consider them my tribe because out of everything in this world, my family has stuck with me the most. Through hard times we got through it, and we are becoming stronger as a family unit every day. Since I consider my family as my tribe, it consist of my close family. My close family is my step-mother, my father, and my little sister. Out of all the people in my family they are the people who have helped me become who I am today. I met my step-mother only four years ago but she has impacted my life so greatly. My father has done everything he could for me ever since I was born, and he is helping me achieve my future career goal. My little sister is…show more content…
The medical tribe would still be connected to my tribe because of the history my tribe has with being in the medical field. Also as I get older I will have another tribe without my current tribe, or the medical tribe. I will start my own tribe and have a husband and kid who is like my tribe now. I would not encourage others to be in my tribe because my tribe is my family. I would only have my step-mother, my father, and my little sister because they impact me the most. No one can replace the way they have made feel so welcomed. My tribe gives me a feeling no one else could, and that is why only the could be in my tribe. My tribe hasn’t always consisted of the people it does now, and I think that is unique us. As time goes on and old times go we learn to live and forget. This is what my tribe does. My father and I have not had the very best past; my biological mother was not good to my father nor me. She made me feel neglected while my father was deployed, and only cared for my little brother. It has been hard to forget about the past, but my step-mother, my father and little sister have helped me learn that no matter what happens, in the end the people

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