Essay On Why I Want To Become A Doctor

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I have always been fascinated with the workings of biological life from an early age. My adoration for human life sciences is the main reason for me to choose the medical field profession. Medicine is my number one career choice. I enjoy challenges particularly those towards a rewarding objective and although medicine is a tough career, it can be tremendously coveting; highlighted by the doctors I have spoken to on a personal level. Observing the doctors in the clinic was captivating and I could see the field from a more complex side than only the high school biology course. Throughout my experience I expanded my confidence and communication skills through speaking to patients and doctors. Although I enjoyed that period it was at times extremely heart rendering. I was able to talk and empathise with many patients to build up their spirits. All my experience and education has made me more resolved to achieve my ambition to become a doctor.…show more content…
Biology and chemistry have helped me further my interest and develop my analytical skills. The hard work and effort that I put forth all through my education has been more for the learning itself, than for any material gains, and the same would be said for my work in future. I believe all the qualities I have acquired through my courses are fundamental for any good doctor. I want to master the skills of diagnosis, work to improve the processes of medical practice, and successfully educate my patients so that they are empowered to choose a healthy life. I want to become an evidenced–based doctor who always obtains a clear history, performs a thorough physical, and shrewdly sifts the findings before ordering tests or treatments so as to properly diagnose the patients. This is my primary professional
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