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The medical field includes some of the most important careers in America. Careers in the health department are extremely important to manage daily viruses spreading worldwide. Diseases spread rapidly; for that, we need our doctors to provide effective health care and necessary medication. A pharmacist's responsibility includes “dispensing medications, maintaining patients’ health and progress, educating consumers and patients on the use of prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, and advising physicians, nurses, and other health professionals on drug decisions,” (Role 1). Pharmacists provide information about the chemical, biological, and physical properties of the drug’s components (Fulcher 1). Pharmacists uphold an important role…show more content…
Pharmacists uphold the standard role to cure diseases through “chemical substances used in medical diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of diseases,” (Medical 1). Pre-pharmacy course requirements require a total of sixty-seven credits. In the medical field, math and science is the main role in any health related medical professional. For example, I will have to take “general biology, human anatomy and physiology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, physics, calculus,” and several more classes (Pharmacists 1). With a long list of courses these are a couple of common basic requirements; nevertheless, these classes may vary depending on what the college offers. This process is the same for any individual pursuing a pharmaceutical career. I will be required to learn how to work with chemical substances by taking “chemistry to study the combination of substances to form various compositions and properties,” biology to learn “bodily function and behavioral reactions to chemicals,” psychology to know the working structures within the brain, and human anatomy to have knowledge of the internal processes of the body (Medical 1). To break it down, I will have to go to college to obtain my prerequisites, finish my major, and obtain a Pharm.D. from a pharmacy school…show more content…
Pharmacists work to provide the right drugs and medications to their patients to eliminate and reduce symptoms. “Medication is a drug to prevent or cure disease,” (Medical 1). People go to their doctor for multiple reasons, but many often see their doctor for illnesses and/or side effects. A pharmacist’s goal is to, if not cure the problem, reduce symptoms and alleviate pain. Medications are made to specifically target the weakened area of the body. With the correct dosage, the medication should aim to remove all discomfort that is occurring. The principal role of a pharmacist is to cure illnesses through the development and distribution of medication to speed up the recovery process (Role 1). Besides relieving a patient’s pain and/or sickness, medications are also used to speed up the process. For example, when you have a headache, you could wait for the pain to subside or you could take possible medications such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen to speed up the wait time and allow you to lose your headache faster. With that, medications work to alleviate pain and speed up the recovery

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