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“Why are you a suitable candidate?” • Why have I chosen to apply to this programme? • What do I expect to gain from my studies? • Why does my background make me a suitable candidate? • How will the programme help me to achieve my goals? If somebody asks me what I would like to be in the future, maybe I will answer I would love to be a good person. Should I have an opportunity to give something special people, I’d love to bring freedom, peace and happiness to everyone in the world. Hence, my dream job is to be a doctor, whose job is not only to cure diseases but also to enhance people living standards and level of satisfaction. In modern times, people are living in a world with a high quality of life due to the development of technology and medical treatments. However, we are getting to be more and more depressed with daily life. Regarding to depressed people, who are suffered from fatal diseases, their lives have to be ended unexpectedly, which also affects their relatives well-being. If we were to be a cancer patient, we cannot do anything except from looking for a miracle and fighting to recover. So I have set my goal to be an international doctor, not only to provide a healthier life to people on earth but to raise the awareness of people for a more satisfactory lifestyle.…show more content…
First of all, a scholarship is a background motivation for me to reach my goal. To be more specific, some people believe that getting a scholarship may help them to lessen their family’s pressure on expenditure while studying abroad; however, if we take a deeper look, it is evident that it provides me with an opportunity to be independent from my parents. This is because my parents would not have to pay for my studies, hence, I must take my reponsibility of my life in a long turn. Indeed, it would help me to be more mature in my abroad study. As a result, I feel scholarship as my first priority in my

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