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My strengths have played a huge role on my entire life up until now, and will always continue too. The play a role in just about all of my decision making, and will greatly affect the path I choose throughout college which will ultimately determine the rest of my life. Coming into college I knew that I had very big goals in terms of doing college wrestling and my ultimate long term goal of making it into med school and becoming a family physician. These goals definitely brought out the activator strength in me because I just feel that I have to make things happen, and I know that goals are not achieved by doing nothing so I realized I had to turn my thoughts in to action. College wrestling has definitely brought out the competitor in me, and understanding myself knowing that I am big into competition really helped me to focus in on some of my goals for wrestling. It quite honestly helps me hold myself to a higher standard than what a lot of people would hold themselves too in the sport of wrestling. I can’t accept losing or being outworked by someone else,…show more content…
Wrestling has played a huge impact in my life, I have wrestled ever since I can remember and it has taught me so many life lessons that I can carry with me for the rest of my life. But wrestling is not the only thing I love doing, I also love just sports in general, especially football, track and baseball, which I did in high school and had great experiences in those too. I really love helping people, spending time with my family and I really love learning new things, especially things that I can apply to my career field. I feel that I am pretty good at helping people, and teaching myself a lot of things. I really do feel that I am pretty good at sports also, which takes hard work and I know that learning how to work hard has taught me a lot of great life

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