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This world is one large roller coaster. My family's roots aren't the richest roots, they are very durable. Growing up in an environment where only the strong survive, was a difficult journey. Through all the testimonies I have experienced, I've gained a significant amount of wisdom. There is a goal in my life that I will achieve, which is to break the chain. Breaking the chain in my family is not an effortless task, since humans are creatures of habit and learned behavior. Life's journey will never be simple, I have learned that the harder you work; the more results become revealed. I have and will always continue to do my best in everything I have tried to accomplish. I strive to be an example of how hard work and dedication can change one's path into a very positive rewarding outcome. Growing up watching the struggles with my family helped mold the character I have obtained today. There have been moments in which we had no food, no water, and no shelter. Through all those obstacles, we still pushed through. As the youngest…show more content…
There are no boundaries to what I can dream. With that being said, I will always dream big; professional career, properties, businesses, above all a stable home and family life. I know that this will not just miraculously appear, it will take time and effort. You work for what you receive in life. Dreams don't have a limit, it's up to you to obtain those dreams to form it into a reality. Everything is a choice, this world is one large roller coaster, in the outcome of the whole ride it truly depends on the person to decide if it was a negative or positive ride. Personally, I will always look at the cup half full rather than half empty. The obstacles that I will come across in my future will only motivate myself to work more diligently toward my ultimate goal. This roller coaster is going to be a great

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