A Day That Changed My Family Life Essay

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June 6, 2011, the day that changed my family’s life forever. I am sleeping on a pull out mattress at 4:25, at my grandma's house. My grandma woke me up to her and my brother Ryan quietly yelling, and shaking me to wake me up. I jump up from being scared and realizing what they were saying to me and why they were trying to wake me up like they did. Now knowing that my baby sister that we have been anxiously anticipating for nine long months, is finally here. My grandma and I tried to figure out what her name was since it is spelled so differently, after spending about five minutes in complete focus with my five o'clock brain trying to get to a normal state, I finally figured it out, her name is Khloe. A true gift from God, she is here; her and my mom are both healthy and happy, and again she is here. After…show more content…
When we arrived home, the first thing I wanted to do was hold my baby sister, and cuddle with her. The day we brought her home was also the day that our new couches were coming home too since we had just moved in. While all the boys were helping with the couches along with my mom reading the directions, and my older sister Anna still mad at the fact that we have a Khloe and was downstairs pouting, like normal. As the boys and my mom were working with the couches, I got the greatest job that day and that was to watch Khloe, hold her, comfort her, and feed her. This day was also the very first time I walked while holding her which was a big thing to me, it showed that my parents trusted me and I felt really responsible at the time. After the couch was all put together and the chairs set up in the living room just as we liked it, I sat down on the couch almost sinking in, still holding Khloe and just being so proud of myself that I did not hurt her in any way and most importantly did not drop
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