Narrative Essay About My Family

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To the outside eye, my life seems almost perfect. My parents aren’t divorced, I’ve never lost someone I was extremely close to, I live in a good home, I’m getting a great education, I’m not dying from any diseases, I have great friends, overall my life is pretty good. But, when you look closer it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Everyone has a backstory to their life, so here’s mine. My family is your typical nuclear family. I live with my mom, my dad and one of my three older sisters. When I was a kid, my family would hangout all the time laughing and having fun. Now, we can’t last thirty minutes without someone yelling at another person, someone crying, or just plain arguing. Out of my five family members, I’m probably the closest with my sister Avery. Everyone else I rarely ever see. My dad is constantly on business trips only coming home for three days at the most. And when he is here, the only time I spend with him is during the car ride to school in the morning.…show more content…
Both of my parents are totally the authoritarian type. However, my dad is more strict than my mom, whatever he says goes without question. Even if someone does question it, there’s no use because he will just ignore them and give them an unnecessary punishment. My dad basically just throws harsh punishments and consequences around freely. Therefore, there are an extraneous amount of fights between my parents and my siblings or me. Sometimes they get a little out of hand and things are said that should never be said. Because my family is this way and because of the way I was raised, it really affects how I interact with other people. My parents did something right by emphasizing manners and respect. However, I don’t do very well with authority which is portrayed by both me and my
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