Personal Narrative: The Civil War In Liberia

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In 1989 my life changed forever. My family and I heard a loud sound of a bomb and gun shots. My family and I ran inside and sought cover. Just like that, the Civil War in Liberia began. Although it was a Civil War and the Rebels were killing innocent people, they were also looking for Specific tribes. Unfortunately for us, my husband was the tribe group the Rebels were seeking. My husband a Muslim, and his tribe was sought. My family was very afraid that my husband was going to get caught and killed. We were also afraid that we all might be killed. After several days without food or water we made the dangerous travel into the City. The plan was to find a way to either Ghana or any other neighboring Counties. We were able to make our way into Sierra Leone safely. During our time in Sierra Leone, we stayed with extended family members. The United Nations (UN) also provided for us. After three years we went back home, but without my husband. He and my oldest son went to his native Country, Ivory Coast. I took my two other children back with me to Liberia. Occasionally, I visited and spent time with them. My last visit was in 1995, when I was on my way to the United States. I also dropped my other son. Both boys were healthy and happy. Nothing seems abnormal. After many years apart, I was reunited with my kids again.…show more content…
Unfortunately, we were not a matched. His father who lived in the Ivory Coast was a match. It felt like slow death because the one person who can help save his life was thousands of miles away. Our next option was dialysis. We started the treatment at home, with the help of my oldest daughter. She was responsible for hooking him up each night and getting him ready for school. I felt like life was unfair. After all these time away from my children, now this. He was also placed on the transplant list. It was truly a difficult time for my family and

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