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A value of life is hard to be found and when found every person has a different value of life. Like Kevin Pearce, Roger Ebert, Hamlet they all had a different kind of value of life. Many people can disagree with their value of life, but everyone has a different kind of a point of view of about the value of life. People have to believe in their value of life so it will help them when they think about their future. Many of the article that involved the value of life that is different. Kevin Pearce’s family drops everything when Pearce got into an accident. Steve Jobs’ biological family wanted Jobs to go to college, even if they had to give him up for adoption. Roger Ebert’s wife helped him through everything that has happened to him when he got…show more content…
Many other parents don’t care if their kids won’t go to college at all. “My biological mother was a young, unwed college graduate student, and she decided to put me up for adoption. She felt very strongly that I should be adopted by college graduates (Jobs)”. For example, my parents moved to the United States in 1990, so their future children would have a better future than a one in Mexico. My parents risked a lot of things just to move to the United States, they came here with not having a lot of money, a job, and even a place to sleep. In fact, when they came here they had to have a lot of strength on having what they have now. What they are now is because they want us to have a better life than they had ever had. My older brothers all have jobs that help them, my oldest brother even has a family that he is help with anything. With me, I have got more opportunity to do many things here in the United States than my other cousin that live in Mexico. If Steve Jobs biological parent didn’t give him up for adoption, he might have ended you in a different kind of situation then being a creator of Apple. With the support of my family, I will be able to pursue my goal of becoming a doctor. In my future, I’ll be able to do many things in the future with the support of my family. Giving back to all the people that cared about me, that is one of my motivation for being a

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