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FIn my nuclear family, I have my mother, father, and my younger brother and sister. Some members of my extended family consists of my nana and poppop on my father’s side of the family, as well as my grandma on my mother’s side. I am not blood related to my grandma because my mother was adopted when she was four years old. I am extremely grateful because most of my grandparents are still alive, both of my parents are still alive, and both of my parents are still married. My Dad’s family comes from an Italian descent. My nana and poppop are from Italy, therefore, the entire side of my Dad’ family strongly follows Italian traditions. Some of these traditions include eating pasta on sundays, the seven fishes dinner on Christmas eve, and spending Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s Day with extended family. The overall structure of the Italian family is very welcoming. My mother has become close to my nana and poppop and always says how welcoming my Dad’s side of the family has always been. From my personal experiences,…show more content…
There are fewer families that follow the traditional nuclear model. There is an increased divorce rate in society , causing an increased rate in single parents and remarriages, resulting in children to have step parents and step siblings. The amount of marriages in America are also decreasing due to many factors, one being the feminist movement in society. More women are focusing more on building a career and a life for themselves, as opposed to getting married and starting a family. It is not uncommon for these women, or even men, to adopt children and raise them as a single parent. In 2015, gay marriage was also made legal, which has increased the amount of same sex couples that are starting families and also adopting children. Therefore, children may have two mothers or two fathers. Overall, the changes in American society and culture have diversified the structure of families in

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