My Experience In High School

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Like other kids, high school is a place where one tries to understand who they are and often mistakenly tries to become someone that they’re not. With my experiences in high school, the academic and athletic strains that begged me to quit, and the community services that I participated in, the person that I am today would be nonexistent. Walking into the zoo known as “high school”, was one of the most daunting experiences that I faced in my adolescent years. The girls were beautiful, and the boys were giants compared to a once scrawny 9th grader who was barely 100 pounds! The only “friends” that I had was the shuffled music that I would blast in my ear every day. I wish I was lying, but I felt like an infant surrounded by hormone…show more content…
The behavior that I exhibited in my early high school years, was no indication of who I was going to become, but is unlike the person that I have become today. My 9th and 12th grade experiences have been the most pivotal moments in my life. Without the things that I went through in 9th grade year, I would not have any college acceptance letters to the five excellent institutions that I can choose from. If I would’ve quit when things were becoming “impossible” in track, I would not have the experience of having a coach who has me on their recruiting radar. I don’t say these things to brag, but I tell them to show that anything is possible no matter who believes in you. As you may know, math seems to be a subject that everybody hates. I was one of those people that hated math in my 9th and 10th grade years. I wouldn’t consider myself a genius, but math usually came easy for me. I was typically the overachiever who excelled in doing mental math and was the first in my elementary class to figure out multiplication So, how does a kid who finds math easy receive a D in 9th grade and a C in 10th grade? Well I can ensure you
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