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My mother grew up in the Bronx with her two brothers and the rest of her family. She grew up less fortunate, moved around a lot, switched into many different schools and even shared clothes with her cousins, whom seemed more like brothers and sisters because they all lived together at one point in time due to the poverty in my family. Many of her cousins were in “honor classes” so at a young age my mother worked hard to get into honor classes because she didn’t want anyone looking down on her. My mother graduated from Washington Irving High School and decided to set herself apart from the rest of her family, whom had dropped out of school or already started having children. She got accepted into SUNY Binghamton through EOP (Education Opportunity Program). In my mother’s first year of college, she worked at a supermarket that was way off campus, but she couldn’t really complain because she needed the money to pay for her tuition and other needs because her mother didn’t have the proper finances. My mother would work late shifts and have to close the store. In order to catch the last bus that went to campus, she would run miles even in the winter. If that wasn’t bad enough in…show more content…
As many other parents and children, my mother and I argued, but it wasn’t long until we made up. My mother is the strongest and certainly the best person I will ever know. Anybody who knows me, knows I am a big “Momma’s boy”. My mother taught me everything I know, except how to live without her. I couldn’t imagine a life without being able to turn to my mother to ask for her opinion. I honestly believed the hardest part of college would be not seeing my mother every morning when she’s leaving for work and every evening when she returns home from work. Much to my surprise, I wasn’t as homesick as I thought I would be. Some students go days without speaking to their parents in college, I call my mother every

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