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The Hundred Years’ War, which was being fought between England and France, did not concern many people in a small town in France, except for one teenage girl. Joan of Arc was born in Dorméry, France, and she called herself Jeanne la Pucelle or Joan the maid (World Book 128). She grew up as the daughter of a farmer, so every day was herding sheep and cattle or helping her father in the fields during the harvest time (Joan of Arc UXL Biographies). At age thirteen Joan heard something that would soon change her life and help many others. She did many extraordinary things that helped save many lives and many believe she should be recognized for these acts of heroism. Joan of Arc was a woman who was determined to follow what she believed was the…show more content…
Joan’s courage in the heat of battle inspired the soldiers in her command, resulting in driving the English from the city. After this victory and a few more, which removed the English from the Loire Valley, Joan became known as the Maid of Orleans (Joan of Arc UXL Biographies). After these many battles she continued to fight for France, and “In May of 1430, during the battle of Compiégne, Joan was captured by the Burgundians. She was then sold to the English for 10,000 pounds, taken to the city of Rouen, and shackled to a dungeon wall” (Joan of Arc UXL Biographies). After Joan was captured she was put in prison and sentenced for life. According to the court Joan of Arc had committed a very serious crime, declaring that she had direct inspiration from God, which at the time was considered heresy. After some more conflicts with the court and the church Joan of Arc was burned at the stake in the town of Rouen (Joan of Arc The Columbia). She had been sick and imprisoned, but Joan of arc continued to fight for what she believed in, and continued to stick to her

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