My Personal Experience: My Experience In High School

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I have yet to experience most of my life, but I can say my last years at American Military Academy have been some of the most memorable. My years in high school have shaped me in different ways. Looking back to three years ago, when I was a freshman, I feel I have changed and matured in different aspects. My perspectives and attitudes have definitely evolved the most through these years. As I approach my last days at American Military Academy, I’ve reflected on the ways that this school has helped me become how I presently am and how most of the best and worst memories are in some way related to it. There are two negative events that had the biggest impact on me. The first being the year when I failed four classes; every single one except…show more content…
It was definitely a very important lesson. The situation could have been avoided, but I lacked the maturity to prioritize certain things in my life. I should have realized that, at this age, relationships are temporary. They can be a source of entertainment and can help build different social skills, but they shouldn’t become one’s goal or main focus. This was very difficult to overcome, but now I realize that maybe something as drastic had to happen for my own good. I was blinded and couldn’t understand that the relationship was so consuming that it was holding me back from achieving my goals. Failing four classes helped me learn to be more objective in the distribution of my time and to not be so easily sidetracked. The second event was when I was expelled from the school. I was expelled because of my bad behavior and constant run-ins with the teachers. I’ve wondered why I chose to act the way I did. I feel I was looking for the attention and acceptance of my peers. I wasn’t fully aware that at some point my pranks and defiant attitude would reach their climax and I would have to be held responsible by the school. I was ignorant of the consequences of my actions, but not exempt from them. I didn’t know how I would face my mother and
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