Personal Narrative Analysis

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I do not remember exactly when I started participating in school. It just sort of happened. One school year I never did any homework, and the next year the mere idea of coming to class without my work would make me panic. Then it became easy; I got A’s without ever studying, and that did not really change when I transitioned into my first high school. But then my family moved during my sophomore year, and I was suddenly faced with finding a new school. Honestly I was not looking forward to the schools in our new county, as I had heard bad things about most of them. But then my mother mentioned Ghidotti Early College High School, which offers both high school and college classes. I was not confident about my chances. I felt that I had never really tested my mettle before (not that I really could at my high school) and I was sure that the people reviewing my application would innately know that I was only a good student because the classes at my high school were subpar. But it turns out that the school saw me for what I was: an avid learner interested in broadening my learning experience.…show more content…
I found quickly that I would have to start picking up the pace. I had to be independent; I had to learn to reach out to people, study, research, and go to the library every day to get my work done. I now regularly spend about four and a half hours after school in the library working on homework. It does seem like a bit much at times, but at the same time I am astounded that I am capable of completing all this. It is for this reason I am confident I will be able to survive the rigors of college

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