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I’m applying to the Business department as I have been interested in this field from a very young age. I am always curious about the way businesses are run, the way they provide their product and service to their customers or how the products are differently priced. As I was growing up, I’ve been through a process of self-study to be able to answer some of these questions. But there are still much more that I do not know about business, the engine that drives the world economy. Business is much more than accounting, finance, and reports. I think business is a human’s lifestyle improvement tool. It provides some useful services and needed products to improve human lives. Business is blends with human everyday life. I’ve been studying my high…show more content…
I currently attend the Prince of Songkhla University, Phuket campus, Faculty of International studies, majoring in Korean and International Business. I feel happy to study a business related course, but knowledge about Korean business is limited in Thailand. If I have an opportunity to gain further education overseas, and have a chance to live in a Korean speaking environment, this will be the best for me. It would be a great opportunity to continue my education in the Seoul National University, which has proved itself as one of the best universities. If I have a chance to study at Seoul National University, I think I can understand about traditional and current types of business methods and management techniques; what business methods are successful and why others fail. My future aim, after graduating from university, is to work in a company to gain experience and I will start up my own import-export business afterward. Nowadays, international integration is continuing through ongoing globalization and countries becoming more dependent on each other. I think that my interest in business and language will open a new opportunity for me, even more if I have studied at Seoul National University. I hope that you’ll acknowledge my interests and will give me a chance to study in Seoul National…show more content…
I am not such an active participant in my high school but I always perform well in social sciences. Chinese was my core subject, I know both Mandarin and Cantonese but mathematics was my weakness when I was in my high school. I didn’t perform to my satisfaction so I have worked hard on my mathematics. Currently at Prince of Songkhla University, I am an active participant in my academic and extracurricular activities. I have gained an A in Korean I, Fundamental Japanese I, English for International Program I, Southeast Asian Civilization, Internet and Society, Extra Curricular activities and gained a B in Mathematics in Daily Life. I am best at courses that call for carefulness. I am the type of person that plans my work and sticks to the plan. I did not just focus on my academic work. Extra-curricular activities are also very important. I have done a lot of activities during my high school and my freshman year. As a freshman I have be a volunteer for the Asian Beach Games. It was a big event and I gained so much experiences and had an opportunity to integrate with people from different countries and cultures. The best part of being a volunteer is that we can learn things that we do not have in the classroom. Meeting new people, getting to know new things, helping and communicating with

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