Personal Experience: My Experience From High School To School

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Kashille Solas “An honor student who stopped showing up to school.” -My high school counselor. It has been about nine months after I graduated when I decided to visit my high school for the first time. I was hesitant to visit at first, everyone I knew either stopped by early in the school year or would not even want to step a foot back at Mills. I was one of those people that did not want to visit at all, but I suddenly felt compelled to go. I was having trouble writing about myself for an assignment in my English 110 class, so I went back to the place where I had last written about myself. The place where I felt like I lost my identity. In high school, especially my senior year, I paid regular visits to my academic counselor, Mr. Alex Stillman. Yes, I was one of those second semester seniors everyone joked around being like. My attendance record was a lot of tardies and unexcused absences. I was not keeping up with the school events, I stopped participating. I lost my motivation to try in school when my family lost financial stability and I found out we were not able to afford for me to go away for college. I stopped writing my applications, I picked up more shifts at the…show more content…
It was difficult for me to get the help I needed at the time when I, myself, was not aware of what was happening with me. I had gotten my diagnosis of depression midway of my first semester at Skyline College. Depression is a topic that is never discussed in a Filipino household, I did not know how to even start the conversation. I had a difficult time confiding in my family about my situation because I did not want to feel like a burden especially when we were already stressing about our financial standing. It took a long time for me and my family to reach an understanding and educating ourselves on depression, however, I am blessed for the support I received from my family that I know a lot of people do not always

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