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My cultural identity consists of many things, here are a few of them that i'll be talking about. One of the first things is the country of Mexico. Mexico is a big part of my identity because that's where most of my family is from and where they were born. Every summer my cousins and I visit Michoacan in Mexico for a couple weeks. When we're out there we go to a beach called Playa Azul which translates to 'Blue beach'. As you can already tell by the name it's called Playa Azul because of its clear blue water and beautiful white sand. While at the beach usually we'll have a Ceviche and drink fresh coconut water. We also play soccer and volleyball. The second thing I'm going to talk about is Club America. I've been a passionate fan of…show more content…
The club is a huge part in the Mexican culture because it's one of the biggest and most popular clubs in Mexico. I quickly became a fan due to the fact that the majority of my family rooted for that team and I wanted to be like them. When America plays their rival Chivas my family makes a carne asada and prepares for the game. The game between the two always gets intense and heated. Players in the field and even fans in the crowd will start fights with the opposing team because of how passionate they are about their club. The last thing I'm going to talk about is Cinco de Mayo. On May 5, 1862 Mexico defeated the French in a war that was almost guaranteed to be won by the French since they had two times the amount of people than Mexico. On this day huge festivals are made and people go out and have a good time there. Usually food is provided for the people that go to the festivals.While you're there you get to listen to authentic Mexican music while you enjoy your pozole or other mexican…show more content…
I'm going to mention the ones that have the biggest importance to me. The First one is Supreme. Supreme is a hypebeast clothing brand that was established in New York City in April 1994. The brand is mainly used by young enthusiasts and celebrities. Supreme is a really pricey clothing brand though, a single box logo T-shirt can cost you upwards of $400. A box logo hoodie can cost upwards of $800. The price is astonishing but it's due to the fact that whenever there's a drop everything is very limited. When there is an online drop things will sell out within seconds and sometimes the app will crash because of how many people are on it at a time. Many people even camp outside the Supreme stores weeks before a drop just to get something. The people are smart though, they camp out and spend $1000 worth of supreme and can easily flip it for $10,000 if not more depending on the rarity of the items. That's because they usually make 80% profit off the retail price. Understanding the resale values can be hard but very profitable. The second thing i'm going to be talking about is soccer. I've been playing the sport ever since I was a kid. I was always influenced by my siblings to play since they've all played in the past. Soccer is something that I really enjoy doing because it gives me a kind of joy that nothing else can. When i'm playing with my teammates we all bond so well that it just makes me never want to

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