Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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How can you express your or my cultural identity? Your cultural identity can be expressed in many ways. my culture identity is bestly express with my Family,Religion, and my chicago appearances. “There is more to Chicago than thick-crust pizza, great jazz and Michael Jordan's nightly ballet on the hardwood.” Like The name Chicago comes from a Miami Indian word for the wild leeks that grew on the bank of the short Chicago River. And it’s great, and amazing site. My family cause they make me feel like myself, and because they act they same so they understand. Religion is a big part of my cultural cause i take it serious no matter. My family was a Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan fan growing up. So that brought us closed ,every game they had that can on. Also are sunday dinner made us more social, that how we understand one another. An increasing in our aspect of importance is my family communication pattern and how that…show more content…
Its makes me complete. I don’t like anyone trying mess with my beliefs or practices. I don’t care what religion you are unless you try to down mines. Then a get offense and make a scene. My religion is read a Bible, and prayer to my god. I try to go to church every day. I would be lost with my religion cause my god gave me everything. Also created everything and I’m waiting on that blessing. That is how religion ties to my culture identity. I was born on the west side of Chicago. It’s a part of my ethnic background some said when they hear my voice they know where I was born or came from. But I always wonder how I said like to people. Some said it’s like a country voice, I heard country people and never thought we sound alike. Chicago is an amazing place like me. Also get call ghetto cause they way I act. By being born from Chicago I take pride in their sports team. My favorite is bulls, and bears, main bear cause I like
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