The Importance Of The Aeroplane

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In 1903, the first controllable, power-driven aeroplane was invented by Wright brothers. Their plane flew for 59 seconds, at 852 feet in the first trial. It was a huge success and completely changed the thought of many people at that time. No one had ever imagined that people could travel up in the sky. The aeroplane was a game changer in the 20th century and it had created a great impact all over the world. This essay will discuss the change brought by the aeroplane and explain the conditions behind its success and reasons for having a long-lasting impact. Aircraft was a game changer as it made travelling more convenient and faster. Before the invention of airplanes, it was difficult to travel across countries due to geographic limitation…show more content…
After the trial of the first aeroplane, the Wright Brothers intended to find potential buyers and investors. Among ordinary citizens, planes were not convincing and acceptable when it first appeared. At that time, the French were more receptive than other countries’ people so the Wright Brothers went to France to make some public flights and gave a ride to government officials. Wright Brothers were able to convince them and started to sell planes in Europe, which made them wealthy businessmen. In 1909, the US army was chosen for the Wright Brother to sell their planes as the army was already researching on an aeronautical program with the lighter-than-air vehicle. Being failed for several times, the Wright Brothers finally met the requirements of the US army. The Wright planes were purchased and put into services. This marked the beginning of the military aerospace industry and the aviation industry. Planes started to be used more widely by different countries. Without the support from the people and the army, the aviation industry would not be popular and widespread throughout the world. Therefore, the acceptance of people and the support from the army were the conditions that contribute to the success of…show more content…
Transporting, military, business and many other aspects are benefits from aviation. In transporting area, aeroplanes break through the border between countries. If people want to go other countries, the aeroplane is usually their priority as it is the fastest and the most convenient mean of travelling. For the military purpose, air-force is one of the most important components in a country’s army. Since World War One, aircrafts and fighters have been the combat force for every country. The invention of aircrafts changed the way of war, war is not only limited to land or sea anymore. Currently, many countries’ army still relies on their air-force and keep improving them. Lastly, in the business area, planes are essential to the logistics and shipping business. Because of its speed and convenience, planes are widely used for importing and exporting goods. The shipping time is greatly reduced and it is beneficial to both the company and the customers. Not only being advantageous to travelling, the invention of aeroplanes bring many benefits to many other industries. Without aeroplanes, it would create a great deal of trouble to people’s life. Therefore, being beneficial to different industries and dependable to people, aircrafts can maintain its influence

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