Personal Narrative: My Cultural Identity

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"Black is beautiful", my mom used to tell me as a small child. I attended a small daycare when I was younger and the races were not as diverse as nowadays. The daycare I attended was predominately white and was in Mt. Zion. There was one other black girl besides myself. The other kids did not like us and told use were were ugly and "dirty". Experiences like this, and others that has happened, has shaped my cultural identity. Religion is the center of my cultural identity and makes up who I am. Since a newborn baby, I have always been in a church setting. I specifically remember my mother and I, as well as my siblings, have at home bible study on Sunday nights. Sunday was the day chosen because we would learn a new bible verse and carry it throughout the week, to get us through our daily struggle. The bible is very important to us because there are verses that if you know and carry in your heart, and actually apply those verses in your life, you will become more and more chirst like. Christmas is a special time of the year because this is the date that has been chosen to celebrate Jesus's birthday. On christmas you give and recieve presents from friends and loved ones. The day of Christmas is not only just…show more content…
I am a track runner, and running track is very important to me. Whe I first began to run track, I would get tired very easily and always wanted to give up. As we progressed into the track season things got easier and making it to the state showed me that if you keep believing and don't give up you can somehow, some way achieve your goal. Can't this relate to life? Things may be tough and you may believe that you won't make it through, but never give up. This is apart of my cultural identity because it has helped me find my identity as a person and you can't understand your cultural identity if you don't understand
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