Behavior Management In Mr. Speicher's Classroom Case Study

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If need be, some modifications apply to these assignments. For example, if a student gets injured in a sporting event and has to be out of school for an extended period of time, the typical homework assignments become shorter and the student receives extended time to complete them. The same can be said about the materials that students have access to. While there is moderate and somewhat convenient access to classroom furniture and equipment because of the space issues mentioned earlier in between the rows of desks in the classroom, the student does have the ability to use the materials without any form of accommodation necessary. During guided practice, students complete some work independently before talking to other students about their answers to confirm their answer. Most of the work that the students do in this scenario involves the computational aspects of AP Calculus. For example, if there is a formula present and all students have to do is plug in numbers, this work is done completely independently by students. When students are working on independent practice, students may work with a peer or with multiple peers in order to teach others how to solve the problems.…show more content…
Behavior management in Mr. Speicher’s classroom is very direct and effective. If a student is not paying attention he will say something along the lines of “Carly, look at the board!” or “Ben, time to quiet down!”. Expectations for student behavior are made apparent by taking a quick glance around the room at the philosophical road-sign posters in the corners of Mr. Speicher’s room. Some examples of these signs include a yield sign that says “share the road with others”. This implies that a student’s behavior toward other students is essential in the classroom and that all students are equal to one another in these

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