My Career In Computer Science

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It may be an inborn personality, or it could be my upbringing, but I have always strived for perfection. Right from my childhood I have believed in working hard and giving my best in everything I did. My experiences in life have only strengthened my belief in this philosophy. Consider this. Computer Science was just another subject for me in School. When I began my UG, it was an area of high interest for me. At present, I see Computer Graphics, Java programming and a bunch of other subjects shaping my future career. I wish to see myself working hand in hand with people at EASports or UBSoft, producing some of the best, most imaginative video games in the world. At this point, I need a learning environment that will equip me to attain this goal. I see the MS program in …. at your University providing me this environment.…show more content…
It was during this period that my passion for computer science, especially programming, arose and grew. . I was introduced to programming through a module on Blue Java in class 9. I learnt the basics of algorithm formation and coding from a very knowledgeable and insightful teacher. I scored 86% in Computer Applications in my class X exams and a 96% later in my senior school leaving examinations. While filling applications for my UG studies, I was sure that Computer Science had to be the subject for my UG

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