Social Worker Reflection

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In the field of social work, professionals will come across individuals or families that have encountered various challenges, such as alcohol abuse, drug addiction, depression, homelessness, poverty, or sexual abuse. Certain issues may be too traumatic for the individual to discuss or confront; however, the social worker needs a deeper understanding of the problem in order to come to a resolution. One way that social workers may do this is by utilizing a visual assessment tool, such as a genogram, an ecomap, a culturalgram, a spiritual map, and a social network map. Such tools can help a social worker to not only better understand the situation, but it can also build a relationship between the client and social worker. For this assignment, I will further discuss the ecomap of my family system.…show more content…
Their involvement with our lives has caused them to neglect finding their own social systems. The one system that has occupied majority of their life is their employment. As a pharmacist, I have labeled the relationship between my father and his work to be stressful because of the recent influx in customers. This causes a great deal of stress as he is forced to complete an extreme amount of prescriptions by himself; unfortunately, his employer refuses to hire an assistant to help him. For my mother, I have also labeled her relationship with her work to be stressed and conflictual as well. As a dental hygienist, my mother’s boss, has treated her poorly. This has caused her to endure much stress over the years, but despite her desire to quit, she continued her employment at the office in order to financially support the family. However, since both my sister and I are at college, she has recently quit her job. She still continues to keep in touch with her co-workers, but her ultimate choice to quit has strained her relationship with them as

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