Advantages Of Solar Energy

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Introduction As the population of the world increasing day by day. The demand of basic requirement of people is also increasing day by day. Energy is one of the important aspects of the life to maintain the flow of life. But due to over-utilisation of the natural resources it will lead us to verge of major energy crisis as consumption of the energy is increasing day by day and energy sources are depleting. Time has come to focus on the alternative energy sources. The best road to face this situation we have to follow path of renewable energy sources such as wind, sunlight, waves [1]. Solar energy is the world largest and rapidly advancing source of renewable energy source which can be used to avoid energy extremity. Solar energy is the result…show more content…
 Hence, solar panel is able to track the sun and converting maximum amount of sun light in electrical form. Further Improvements and Applications Dual axis Solar Tracker is used for efficient collection of solar power using additional expenses. Some of the improvements are as follows:  It can be further improved by using more advanced LDR sensor which have the high range and sensitivity towards sunlight than other lights sources so that they cannot be affected by other light sources.  The mechanical model used for making solar panel can be further improved for efficient rotation by making it of water and heat resistant material which can handle the heat of the sun efficiently.  The DC motors used here can be enhanced in their output power to improve the tackling weight of the solar panel.  The solar panel can be placed on the upper rotating layer that can be used to store the energy and convert it to electrical energy. The panel can be removable so save it from rain.  Instead of DC motors if we use Stepper motor the rotation can be improved as it rotate by small-small angles. It help in controlling rotation of panel than DC
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