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October the month where everything starts to get spooky and it gets a little chilly.October is the month when fall starts and the leaves start to fall off the trees and Starbucks start to sell pumpkin spice lattes.October is also the month wen we get to dress up in fun or spooky costumes and you get to have the whole night knocking on people doors getting free candy. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays not because I get to get free candy but because I get to dress up as my favorite characters from my favorite television shows and or my favorite movies.Also I like the month of October because on TV they start to show scary movies haunted houses start to open up.Every Halloween my cousins throw a big Halloween party or we all go to a Haunted house or either we load up in a car or maybe four and we go trick or treating but mostly they throw a party.Everyone dresses up and we have a costume contest to see who have the scariest costume, the prettiest costume, or the sexiest costume.…show more content…
But wen we got there we had to stand in this long line for about 30 mins but it felt like enternity. When we finally got up to the front we had to give this woman our tickets,and we had to stand in another line just to get into the haunted house which took about an hour.When we finally got into the Haunted house we had to sing a wavier and watch a two minute long video, I asked my brother when are we going to finally get to go and get scared and he was like I don't know i was like ughhh .Finally the video was over and the man put us into three groups of seven and my group was last so we had to stand there for about another half a hour. When our group was about to go about and my brother was like ''are you ready'' and as i clinched his had shakingly i said

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