My Adventure In Middle School

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Anxiety in today's world is not uncommon; it is more common that people are diagnosed with it. I just know that it felt like I was (am still) trapped in a shell that won’t let me experience adventures that I might enjoy. Instead of enjoying though, I generate a continuous list of all the wrongs that could happen if I step out of my padded box to the outside world that holds the adventure. The adventure that I would die for, that I am just too afraid to find. My anxiety started when I reached middle school, I couldn’t breathe, my eyes wouldn’t focus, and I would start to sweat, starting from my palms and working a flash through my entire body. I am eleven, it is the second day of middle school, and I saunter into my art classroom, my backpack is sending shots of pain up the base of my spine in waves, but I embrace it because my locker won’t open for…show more content…
Think of the nice thoughts, think of the nice thoughts, think of the nice thoughts, I repeat to myself and think up a list. My teacher saunters to the front of the class and introduces herself in a scratchy voice, then tells the class that we will go around the room and introduce ourselves by giving our name and an interesting fact. I brainstorm, if I am up and don’t know what to say that means that the attention will be on me long, I can’t have that happen. So I produce a list of anything and everything that I can think of, and when it comes to my turn, I blank. Everything I concluded of is no longer there, and I look around and return the stares of everyone in my class. My face goes beet red, and I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. Taking in a shuddering breath, I slam my mouth shut and breathe and out before opening my mouth again and tell my class my name and that I play softball and just that summer my team won the world series. Thankfully they pass on quickly, and I don’t have the attention on me
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