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Survey Research I a study method in which individuals are asked to respond to a set of questions designed by an experimenter (Carter & Seifert, 1967-). Survey Research is used to collect information about public wants or interest. There are several different ways that a survey can be distribute. Some example is: Online, In person, Over the phone, and on the back of a receipt. One of my experiences with surveys is with “Nielsen”. Nielsen sends out consumer surveys to my family and I once a year. They ask that anyone over the age of sixteen, that lives in the home to fill out a booklet. Nielsen normally asks questions about the activities you like, shopping, travels, what you like to watch on television, entertainment choices and etc. I take…show more content…
Surveys are important, helpful, and useful when trying to get the general public perception. Survey Research is mostly used to gain the thoughts, opinions, and the feeling of the people. They can be very specific and global while being limited with still reaching their goals. Reaches can find out great information when taking surveys. It helps with keeping up with the population to which primarily surveys are done. Case Study is the extensive examination of the experience of a single individual or group (Carter & Seifert, 1967-). Most case study are conducted due to individual’s experience in unusual behavior. This reflects what’s going on within all individuals (Carter & Seifert, 1967-). A case study is when someone who is diagnosed with a rare or well-known illness. I am a person who suffer from Traumatic Stress Disorder. It has been Researched and…show more content…
founding that its study examines the psychometric properties in a few different forms of PTSD symptom scale (PSS). This scale contains seventeen items that diagnose PTSD according to DSM-lll- R. Reviews states the consideration existing cognitive and behavioral account for the acquisition and maintenance of PTSD. Founded by “Mower’s Two- Stage (1993)” theory applied to many rap victims and a lot of veterans is viewed critically (Foa et al., 2006). Many people with PTSD stems from childhood. I suffer from traumatic stress disorder with depression. I was diagnosed about four years ago, it all started when one of my brothers was murdered. He lost his life at the age of fifteen, I was suffering for many of years and did not know it. Researcher Foa, and Steketee, et al., 2006 studies found that PTSD and affiliated psychopathology were examined in ninety-five female rap victims stating soon after the assault (mean =12.64 days). Assessment was made in 12 weeks. More finding and direction for future research are discussed as well. The information I read form the peer reviewed article seems to be reliable and valid as well survey research. The strengths and weakness for survey research is that the public can be straight forward. It’s cost effective, and generalizable. Weakness can be

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